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17th May 2021

Which stores are open?

Each brand is different, so we advise all visitors to check the website before visiting the centre. To find out which stores are open, click here.

Some stores may open or close at different times so we recommend our guests check with the store(s) you plan to visit for their opening times before you make your journey.

When is the best time to visit Kingfisher?

We encourage you to plan your visit and consider visiting during our quieter periods which are usually in the late afternoon.

What happens when the centre reaches capacity?

Access to the centre will be stopped temporarily to stop the number of shoppers reaching levels that may prevent social distancing. A queueing system will then be implemented by our teams to manage number of shoppers inside to regulate footfall and ensure that social distancing is optimised.

How will you manage social distancing?

We will be asking everyone who visits our centres to follow official guidelines, the instructions provided by our teams as well as the safety information that will be widely visible and available. Our teams are familiar with the guidance and will be reminding people to keep a safe distance.

Have Kingfisher staff been specially trained to manage this new way of shopping?

Yes, all staff have been through specific guidance/training to carry out their duties in the new way of working.

What additional measures have you taken to make sure it is safe to shop in the centre?

We are placing the utmost importance on the health and safety of our guests, customers, and employees and have implemented a number of preventative measures throughout the centre since the outbreak of COVID-19. These include escalating the intensity and frequency of our cleaning procedures, providing instructional signage, deploying additional hand sanitisers and encouraging all our visitors and staff to practice good hygiene with regular hand washing.  We remain diligent in our approach to the virus and are maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the local health authority as the situation evolves, while adhering to the latest official advice being provided.

Before visiting, please watch this short video. It explains all the safety measures we have in place and how our traffic light system works.

Where can I purchase face coverings?

You can shop for face coverings in a range of styles and fabrics from stores in the centre. Please note that we have two face mask vending machines in the centre. One is located outside on Evesham walk opposite Superdrug and the other machine is located on the lower bus station level.

Where can I find hand sanitising stations?

We have placed hand sanitiser dispensers at our entrances and near to our car park pay machines. Car park chip coins are sanitised before each use.  Please continue to use these facilities and let's help keep each other safe.

Will you be temperature checking guests and staff?

Checking the temperature of guests and staff is not part of the government guidelines which means we won't be carrying out temperature checks on entry.

How do I get into the centre - has this changed?

Access to the centre will be in line with the social distancing measures we have put in place. For the latest government official information on Coronavirus (COVID 19), click here.

Are all the entrances open?

Yes all the entrances are open as usual, however, some may have restricted access if we need to reduce the number of people entering the centre.

Can children accompany parents/guardians in the centre?

Children aged under 16 years are more than welcome in the centre. We would kindly ask parents/guardians to support their children whilst in the centre to follow the new measures we have implemented including new directional signage, good hand hygiene and social distancing.

Do you have provisions in place for vulnerable people?

If you are in a vulnerable/at risk group we encourage you to check how busy the centre is ahead of your visit. For the best time to visit, follow us on our social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, search: @shopkingfisher or via our website: to keep up to date with our traffic light system. You can also contact us on 01527 405 800 to find out what our current status is. If you are visiting a specific store, please contact them directly to check their policy.

Do I have to queue for each store?

Due to restrictions in capacity within the stores, queueing to enter a number of stores maybe required. 

Is cash being accepted at stores or will it be card payment only?

Please check with our individual shops however, we expect many shops to accept card payment only and you should be prepared to pay by card. 

Will there be a limit to how long I can spend in the centre?

No limits will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre.

Will I have to wear a mask/face covering when I visit Kingfisher?

It is now mandatory for all visitors aged 11 or over, to wear a face covering, unless you are exempt and have a legitimate reason not to do so. Visitors not wearing a face covering may be approached by our centre team. Click here for further information. 

Which car parks are open?

Car parks 1 - 4 are open. 

Do your car parks have family parking? 

Please note that we have family parking facilities in the following Car Parks; 

  • car park 1 - Level 9
  • car park 2 - Levels 4, 6, 8 (levels 10 & 12 remain temporarily closed)

Please note that a number of family parking bays on level 4 of car park 2 have been closed off for centre works. Families using car park 2 will be able to park in the 10 dedicated parking bays on the opposite side of this level.

In car park 2 on levels 2, 3 & 4 in particular, there are over 70 extra wide parent and toddler Car Parking spaces spread across these levels for your convenience and comfort.

How will the car park pay stations operate?

For your wellbeing, car park chip coins are sanitised before each use and the touch points of our car park machines are sanitised throughout the day. There are also hand sanitiser dispensers placed near to our car park pay machines.

Please continue to use these facilities and let's help keep each other safe.

Are the toilets facilities open?

Our main public toilets and baby changing facilities are open with restricted access. The disabled toilet near Subway and the toilets located in the bus station are also open.

Are the lifts and escalators operating?

Yes. To encourage social distancing, arrows and signage for guidance have been put in place to limit the number of people able to access our lift and escalators at one time.

Priority should be given to wheelchair users, parents with buggies and those less able wishing to use the lifts. We would encourage guests to use the stairways and escalators wherever possible whilst maintaining a safe distance from others. 

Will there be seating available at Kingfisher?

Should you require a chair to rest and recuperate during your visit, please ask a member of the guest host or security team who will arrange the use of a chair for you.

Are Guest Services open?

Guest Services are open 10am - 4pm Monday - Saturday and 10.30am - 4.30pm Sundays and you'll find them next to EE in Worcester Square. To get in touch with the team, call 01527 405 806 or email: 

Is Shopmobility open?

Monday - Friday 9:15am - 2.45pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed

You can contact the Shopmobility team on 01527 69922 or visit their website here for further information. 

Who do I contact about my Kingfisher Gift card?

You can contact Flex-e-card about your Kingfisher Gift Card via e-mail or telephone 0844 77 44 277 (call charges may apply). For further information, please visit their website here

Are the Amazon Lockers open?

You can find these located next to The Perfume Shop on Evesham Walk. Currently, the closest car park to access the lockers is our car park 3. Our Amazon lockers are currently unavailable.


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