The Kingfisher Shopping Centre connects with shoppers as Wi-Fi is launched!

Wi-Fi has been launched at Kingfisher Shopping Centre, enabling shoppers to access the internet easily and free of charge, no matter where they are in the centre.

Ken Williams, General Manager at Kingfisher Shopping Centre commented: "Wi-Fi access has been one of our most requested services. Free unlimited Wi-Fi is a great way to enhance customers' overall shopping experience.

"It provides an opportunity for our customers to visit their favourite stores online, read product reviews and socialise with friends.

The new website is the latest development to come from the acquisition of the centre by Capital and Regional. The site is built using the latest technology which enables customers to view the website on mobiles, laptops and desk tops, assisting people so that they can have information accessible whenever they want it, even while shopping. Kingfisher Shopping Centre currently receive 40% of its online traffic from mobile devices and it is widely expected that internet traffic from mobiles will exceed that of desktops within the next two years.

The Kingfisher Shopping Centre is working in partnership with Wi-Fi provider The Cloud to provide the Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has landed at Kingfisher Shopping Centre!