Sell your unwanted electronics quickly and conveniently using Recyclabox, here at Kingfisher!*

The Recyclabox machine is the UK's first self-service kiosk for selling unwanted electronics. To start earning money from your old tech, grab your unwanted electronics and head to the recyclabox, located opposite Poundland in Kingfisher Walk.

Recyclabox aim to refurbish and reuse all the items that get sold to them.  Any items that cannot be reused, are recycled in line with e-waste guidelines.

How to use Recyclabox

1. Gather unwanted items 

There's no limit on how many items you can deposit per transaction so you can sell your whole DVD/CD/game collection!

You don't need to register online before selling at the recyclabox machine. All you need is an email address, phone number & your items.

Items accepted include; mobile phones, ipdas, kindles, other tablets & e-readers, iPods, smart watches, laptops, GoPros, games consoles & accessories, TV media players, CD's, DVD's & games.

2. Register your items

Enter your email address and phone number before you deposit items in the recyclabox machine. Register the DVDs, CDs and games you wish to sell by using the inbuilt barcode scanner and to register phones and other devices, simply select the make, model & specs on the touchscreen.

As soon as an item is registered, a quote will appear on the screen.

If you wish to accept the quote, you will then need to deposit your item and proceed to payment. You will also have the option to register more that one items before proceeding to payment.

3. Payment for your items

Payment can be paid to you via PayPal, even if you don't have an account.  Simply enter your email address and set up an account later. For payment via bank transfer, you will need your account number & sort code.

You will be paid within 3-5 working days of selling your items, provided there are no verification issues. The recyclabox Customer Services team will contact you if there are any issues with items deposited or with your payment. 

Deposited items are collected and taken to the recyclabox verification centre.

Visit for further information. 

*Recyclabox terms and conditions apply.