Anxiety often occurs when we are taken out of our normal routine, and many experts believe that self-care may just be the answer we are all looking for right now to cope with the mental impact of quarantine. Practising mindfulness during this time can not only prevent us from entering into an unwanted headspace but can even help to alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19, as it stimulates relaxation, and promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle.

To spread some positivity and promote self-care during this uneasy and testing time, the team at Kingfisher has put together the 5 best ways to master the art of mindfulness for you to practise during the period of self-isolation.

Start with one very important realisation

The first thing for us to understand is that we are not in this alone - everyone in the whole world is being impacted by this pandemic in one way or another. For all of those struggling, reaching out is imperative, and online counselling is available as well as forums, chat rooms and guided meditation apps. Now more than ever we must recognise our individual needs and reach out when we need to.

Refer to the Kingfisher Community Page for more information on the Skype therapy and counselling appointments being offered by the team at Ahead of Wellbeing CIC, visit: Community Life

Establish a routine

We should all keep in mind that this will pass, however, in the meantime remember that human beings adapt very quickly—even if we find the situation unbearable at first. We are incredibly resilient with the help of a bit of routine and self-care along the way. Establishing a routine is crucial, including waking up at regular hours, showering, getting dressed and exercising. According to the team at Pure Gym, setting fitness goals will help the days to pass quickly and give us a much-needed sense of achievement.

While PureGym is closed, members are currently able to access some great home workouts and on demand classes via the app, which require no equipment, and are specifically designed to help you to maintain your fitness regime. For more information, visit: Pure Gym

Non-members can also visit the PureGym Instagram page for daily fitness motivation, workout tips, and advice on how to maintain a nutritionally balanced lifestyle.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Contrary to the previous point, sometimes in periods of difficulty binge watching new box sets while treating yourself to your favourite snack in your pyjamas is a perfectly acceptable form of self-care. We have to ask ourselves however, when will we have this time again to just let our skin breathe and embrace our natural hair colour and curls? So why not use this opportunity to improve your hair and skincare regime?

Boots at Kingfisher has all the tools for you to revolutionise your beauty routine, from anti-fatigue day creams to rejuvenating facial masks, make-up and hair repair collections, which will help you add the moisture back into your hair and achieve salon worthy quality at home. You can stay at home and treat yourself with Boots' online service, where you can also find 3 for 2 offers on selected vitamins, supplements, health foods and complimentary medicines to ensure you can remain healthy and happy at home. You can sensibly stock up and save on your family's essentials with the Boots healthcare, toiletry and baby bundles, for more information visit:

Use the time wisely

Why not do something you have been meaning to for ages, perhaps some home improvements, or learn a new skill or language? Waterstones at Kingfisher, Redditch has pulled together some ideas to keep everybody healthy, happy and occupied. There's everything from indoor games, to home fitness, easy recipes and educational guides - if you need to brush off your knowledge whilst home schooling your kids. There's also a fantastic range of mind body and spirit books, which will prove a fantastic self-help guide in the current situation, as well as deals on the legendary Mrs Hinch collection, offering brilliant techniques for organising your time and projects.  

Follow the Waterstones Instagram page for the 'At Home with Waterstones' range in full and keep up to date with weekly best sellers. This features immersive page turners, like 'The Language of Kindness - a Nurses Story', a compelling memoir written by the incredible Christie Watson who is going back to work for the NHS at this critical time.

Our busy lives keep us isolated, use this time to make meaningful connections

Confiding in other people is a great way to lessen the burden of Covid-19 and the worry it brings, and could even bring you closer to loved ones during this testing time.

When you're feeling low and hoping to indulge in some self-care remember this does not need to be attempted alone. Find solace in the comfort that others around you may be practising mindfulness for the first time too. Speak to others when you can about what you are going through, and your changing lifestyle, approaching the situation with a 'power in numbers' attitude.

Make sure you maintain a sense of community by keeping in social contact through phone calls, text messages, networking groups and skype calls, whilst renewing relationships with those in your household.

Keep in touch with the Kingfisher Community page for news and initiatives for you and your family to support during this challenging time, as well as activities to keep you occupied. Here's a free colouring template to say thank you to the NHS, kindly provided by Doodles of Art! Print it off and proudly show off your masterpieces in your windows: Visit here Community Life