The Best Seat in the House

A trip to the cinema to catch up on the latest must-see blockbusters and to get your fix of Fanta Ice Blasts, may be one of the things you're looking forward to doing again once the restrictions on social distancing have been lifted. If you're struggling to entertain your children during this difficult time, and the temperamental British weather is restricting you even more, then bear in mind you don't need to invest in a 80 inch TV screen to recreate your favourite cinema experience at home.

We've been speaking to the team at Vue Cinema Kingfisher who have shared advice on how to host an amazing movie marathon from the comfort of your living room.

A brand-new blockbuster or old school classic?

First of all, you must choose the film, and Vue has given excellent suggestions for treasure hunt inspired classic tales; with everything from The Goonies and Muppet Treasure Island, to Indiana Jones and the classic Harry Potter collection.

For added adventure, why not make your way through this exciting selection and create your own treasure hunt for the kids to find? This way they can really make the most of being the only ones in the 'cinema'.

The trick is in the treats

No two things go more hand in hand than the cinema and popcorn, so make sure you don't forget this delicious essential. Whether your family prefers salted or sweet, make sure they don't miss out on this movie must-have, or for a sweeter tooth why not provide a DIY pick 'n' mix?  

Speaking of sweet treats, one thing the team at Vue agreed is that no cinema trip is complete without a - Tango Ice Blast. For the very first time, Vue cinema has revealed its top-secret recipe and has shared this easy to follow video to make the fizziest and tastiest Ice Blasts you can.

Set the Scene

Why not start with the tickets? Make these out of whatever you can and even use the VUE logo to make it more believable. If you really want to get creative, why not make posters too? After all, the Vue cinema in Kingfisher would be nothing without its many posters of our favourite stories and stars of the big screen. This is sure to keep the children busy and get them excited about their new cinema experience.

To avoid any arguments, make sure everyone has their favourite spot on the sofa, or make them comfy and cosy on the floor with lots of cuddly blankets, pillows and throws. All that's left to do is draw the curtains and turn off the lights to recreate the perfect cinema experience. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the film.

If a 'cinema outing' has been too much for your little ones and it's time for them to go to bed, Vue also has some inspiration for adults too. Refer to the Vue website for a look back at the greatest movies from 2010 -you will never believe what is already ten years old! So, laugh out loud at Hot Tub Time Machine, relive the iconic Kings Speech, or explore the world of dreams with the classic Inception - whatever today's showing, we hope it provides some fun and exciting family time during this otherwise difficult period.   

For the full list of titles, visit:

Kingfisher is really looking forward to welcoming you all back to Vue Cinema soon. But for now, stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the film.