Beat the clock and SOLVE to SURVIVE...

We are very excited to announce the opening of Redditch's first ever escape experience; Escape Challenge, NOW OPEN and exclusive to Kingfisher Shopping Centre!

Located on New Walk (next to WH Smiths), this new, exciting and family friendly pursuit welcomes anyone over 12 years of age* and is aimed to test both individual and team abilities as challenges will be a race against the clock. Escape hunters will be given 60 minutes to crack codes and complete puzzles in order to escape one of the two rooms;

Tomb Challenge - will lock challengers deep in an ancient tomb and left to work out an alternative escape route to the exit that has caved in.


Space Challenge - participants will be the only surviving crew aboard a malfunctioning spaceship that's been left in ruins after a collision and required to fix systems and reinitiate the ship's artificial intelligence system - COMING SOON 

The dual-roomed themed story experience is the first of its kind in Redditch, adding to our list of growing family entertainment within the centre. The Escape Challenge has a unique twist, setting us apart from any other similar escape experience. The immersive themed escape challenges sends participants into a new world. Every time you visit, the puzzles and games required to escape the rooms will change, meaning that once you've cracked it you can still be challenged on another visit!


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*Any guests under the age of 16, must be accompanied by at least 1 player over the age of 18