Star Wars super-fans will be delighted to learn of Echo Base Live's return to Kingfisher Shopping Centre on Saturday 14th October.

The special event is now the biggest Star Wars collectable convention in Europe, offering an excellent range of vintage and modern collectable items from art and books to figurines.

Back in April, dedicated fans travelled from as far as Ireland, Scotland and Wales to attend the free event, and attendees were even treated to a special surprise appearance from Laurie Goode & Chris Bunn; Stormtrooper's from the original 1977 Star Wars film.

This time, fans both old and new will be travelling from as far as Sweden and the Netherlands to get a glimpse of a galaxy far, far away; a fan-tailored experience like no other.

Collectable items from the original 1977 film will be on sale, and fans may even catch a glimpse of Paul Blake who played Greedo in the original films walking among them, as well as the return of Laurie Goode and Chris Bunn, as well as Kenneth Colley who played Admiral Piett and John Simpkins who played Klaatu.

A free valuation service will also be offered for fans who wish to get their Star Wars items valued, and fans can enjoy autograph signings from some of the original actors from the films. 

Echo Base Live will be located in the unit next to Poundland between 9am and 5.30pm.