As a family focused business, 360 Play are always looking to the future and searching for ways to be more carbon friendly and sustainable. Ahead of World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, the team at 360 Play Town will be hosting a costume swap session on Monday 10th February.

Costume swapping is the most fun way to recycle! Children get new-to-them costumes and parents get to save money and do their bit for the planet at the same time. We'd love children to have a variety of costumes to choose from so we'd love you and your school to get involved.

Here is how it works!

  1. Drop off your clean, gently used costumes to 360 Play Town from now, until 10th February 2020
  2. You will then receive a ticket to come back to the event on Monday 10th February after 3pm
  3. Attend the costume swap party from 3pm onwards and find a newer costume! 

Please note that if you already have a costume sorted but would still like to donate, then all costume donations will be gratefully received at 360 Play Town's reception.