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12th May 2017

Hey guys! 

What have you all been up to since last time we spoke? 

Can you believe it's May already, where is this year going? I bet most of you are preparing for upcoming SAT's. I know some of you may be really nervous about these but as long as you try your best, the rest will fall into place! What's your favourite subject at school? or is there an exam that you're looking forward too because you know you'll ace it? I would love to know! 

Anyway, aside from school work - Whitsun week is on the horizon at the end of this month, yay! I will be out on the 1st and 2nd of June to hang out with all my cheeky monkey pals! Make sure you don't miss me. Catch me between 11am - 4pm on these days, PLUS my pals Magic Party will be in on Friday 2nd June between 11am - 3pm. I can't wait! 


Charlie X

10th April 2017

Hi guys!

Charlie here! Phew, who else is as happy as I am that it's the Easter holidays? These two weeks are always so fun! 

So what Easter eggs are you all hoping to get this year? I really like the look of the Percy Pig eggs from Marks and Spencer. Thorntons also do a great range aswell however, they have a pretty big selection, from salted caramel to lemon meringe! Wilko has all the classics though! the big favourite such as Cadbury and Nestle. It'd be great to hear what all your favourite chocolate is! 

With Easter being this Sunday, there's loads of great activities going on at the Kingfisher! My friends from Magic Party will be balloon modelling and face painting on the 13th and 21st April, which I am so excited for! Also on the 13th, I will be out with the Redditch Library from 11am - 12pm to read you all some lovely Easter themed tales! Join me on S.S Charlie in The Hub! Don't miss out on the huge bouncy castle in Millward Square from the 9th - 23rd April!

That's all from me this month folks, I'm so excited for this month's activities, I will fill you all in next time! 

Charlie X

15th March 2017

Hey there guys!

Spring has officially sprung. I love this time of year, don't you?! The daffodils have started growing, the birds are singing, the air is a little warmer, plus... Bananas have started growing again!! What's not to love!

So, March is the month of Mother's Day! Do you all know what you're doing to celebrate yet? Mother's Day is a pretty important day as your mum deserves to be recognised for how great she is. She will always be there to tuck you in at night, fight off the bad guys, or just give you a cuddle when you're feeling low.

The Kingfisher have created an awesome gift guide on what to get for Mother's Day if you're struggling. Check it out here!

Aside from Mother's Day, Easter is less than a month away too! Which means Easter Holidays are just around the corner. My friends Belle and Roy (AKA Magic Party) will be in the centre to spend some time with me on the 13th and 21st April! It's going to be so cool, make sure you don't miss out! Here's a picture of us from last summer, it is my favourite photo! 

If you're still struggling for things to do, there are some great movies coming out at Vue Cinemas! I can't wait to see The Boss Baby that comes out on the 1st April! I'm going to be sitting on the front row for that one, hee-hee!

That's all for now folks, next time I will fill you in on all of my plans for Easter!

Charlie X 

9th February 2017

Hello there fellow cheeky monkeys!

I'm back to fill you in on my how my month has been! What have you guys been up to? I've been busy planning my Valentine's gifts for a special monkey in my life!

Is there anyone special in your life? I think roses are always a winner, just make sure you don't hurt yourself on their sharp thorns! I've been getting my roses from Card Factory this year, as they are selling them for 99p! Even though they're not real roses, they don't have the sharp thorns and will last forever!

This year, I know that the Kingfisher are doing a competition for people like your mommy and daddy to win a huge romantic hamper for their loved one. Why don't you ask them to check it out here?

In other news, my story time will be returning on Thursday 23rd February! The Redditch Library and I will be making an appearance in The Hub around midday. As its half term, we're going to be treating you to a lovely story! Don't miss out. 

18th January 2017

Hello everyone!

I have returned from my winter slumber, I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Year - What did everyone get for Christmas? I hope you were all spoiled! I think I may have indulged in one too many banana's this Christmas!  They are my guilty pleasure heehee.

January can be a difficult month, it's quite sad to say goodbye to the Christmas holidays and have mommy and daddy go back to work, so I have a few tricks for you to keep smiling this month!

  • 1. Play with your favourite toy at least once a day
  • 2 .Tell your mommy, daddy, brother, sister, Nan, grandad, friends, anyone - how much you love them! Seeing them smile will make you smile instantly!
  • 3. Read your favourite story book, or have a loved one read it to you
  • 4. Ask your mommy and daddy if you can have your favourite snack at least once a week!
  • 5. Try to help your parents by helping out with household chores - I know this one doesn't sound too appealing, but helping your parents out will make them feel a lot better, and in turn will make you feel a lot better!

I hope this helps your January feel a little better! If none of these work, maybe ask your parent's if they could take you to the brand new milkshake diner, Shake Shack Diner that's just opened up in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre! They do all sorts of delicious treats, from Oreo to Kinder Bueno to Haribo! They also have their very own PS4 in the shop that you can use if you purchase one of their delicious treats! I have spent a lot of time in there already, maybe treating myself a little too much!

That's all from me this month folks, tune in next month where I will fill you in on my Valentine's Day plans!

Ta ta for now.

Charlie X

22nd September 2016


I'm back, here to update you all on how amazing my summer went. I had so much fun here at the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, did you? It'd be great if you could tell me all about what a great summer you had! My friends Bell and Roy at Magic Party were here most weeks, and they made awesome balloons and Bell even painted my face, see!

Anyway, now that summer is over, it's back to school for a lot of you! I am very jealous - school is lots of fun when you get stuck into it! My favourite thing about school was always biology heehee, I just love learning about nature! What's your favourite subject? School is really important and I'd love to hear about you all working hard on your homework!

Anyway, can you believe how fast this year is going! Before you know it, it will be Halloween (my favourite time of year) then Bonfire Night, and next Christmas! Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and I'm really looking forward to updating you all, but that's all from me for now!

Ta ta for now!

Charlie X

16th August 2016

Hello everyone,

Charlie here, reporting back on the really fun summer we've had so far! For the last couple of weeks, my friends Bell and Roy AKA Magic Party have been coming in. They've been making balloons and painting all of your pretty faces and it's been so much fun!

But our summer isn't over just yet! This Thursday, my buddy Mr Bloom is coming to the centre! I'm so excited, who else will be coming to see him? As well as Mr Bloom, on Wednesday 24th August, there's a Summer Fete day happening - there's going to be so many cool things to do - Bell and Roy will be back to make balloons and face paint, as well as Olympic themed arts and crafts activities, I'll be out with my prize spinning wheel again.

 As well as this, we're hosting a super cool raffle, where a lucky someone could win a £695 Lego Marvel Art Piece. Tickets are £1 and if you ask mommy or daddy nicely, they might buy you one from the Customer Service Desk! We're doing all this to try and raise money and awareness of some really great charities, Alzheimer's Society, Primrose Hospice and Your Ideas (See here). They help lots of people out who desperately need it, and I really want to help them, and it would be AWESOME if you could too - that's why all proceeds raised on this day will be going directly to them, yay!

Last but not least, I know some of you may not be looking forward to back to school approaching, (it's because you can't have more fun with me, isn't it?) but some of the shops in the centre do some neat uniforms and stationary! Stores such as WH Smith, Primark, New Look, M&S, Next and Pep & Co have affordable and stylish Back to School products for mummy and daddy to look at!

That's all for now friends!

Until next time...

Charlie X.

26th July 2016: 

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog page! I'm super excited to start filling you all in on my adventures. Each month you will hear from me and find out all about what I've been up to around the centre! We've got so many activities planned for this summer for me and you to enjoy!

On Wednesday 27th July, Wednesday the 10th August AND Wednesday the 24th August, my great friends Bell and Roy will be coming to the centre to do lots of fun face painting and balloon modelling. Come along and meet them, and I'll also bring out my prize spinning wheel for you guys to win some awesome prizes! How exciting is that?!

My reading corner will also be returning on Saturday 6th August, hope you can all make it! Redditch Library have been so wonderful in helping us out with this and giving us some really interesting books to read, don't you think? Meet me in Worcester Square from 12pm to come along.

Following that, we have a cool circus workshop the very next day on Sunday 7th August! Come join me and have a go at doing some traditional circus techniques such as juggling, plate spinning and diablo! I'm really looking forward to this one! You can join me between 11am and 4pm in Worcester Square.

Not to mention, to top it all off we've got the one and only Mr Bloom coming to the centre on Thursday 18th August! I can't wait to catch up with my old friend and all of his talking vegetables! He'll be performing in Millward Square, next to M&S and Next at 11am, and again at 2.30pm. That's not even the best part though, you could be in with a chance of winning tickets to MEET Mr Bloom and hang out with the man himself! All you have to do is get Mummy or Daddy to register for interest in a ticket at our Customer Service Desk in Worcester Square, before Friday 5th August!

All of these super fun things for us to do this summer! I wouldn't want any of my cheeky friends to miss out so make sure you come along! You can also get your hands on a free slushy from Candy Cave whilst you're here, so remember to bring your Kids Club keyring!

That's all from me today, until next time friends!

Charlie X